Ahh... True love. Do you exist?!

A few days prior, another long time pal, S-S, asked a question of the I Ching, and 48 The Well, and 5 Waiting, came back in response. S-S was wondering When will I find true Love?

A good and timeless question.

That said, I thought: By what method will I find true love? might offer a pleasing thoroughness, to which S-S agreed.

Clearly spring approaches, and the ground stirs. The Well, has an element of community, and ones awareness of community, or communal-ness. Also, there is the aspect of 'bringing up water.' The inner activity of The Well, is of the trigram Wind - action - and this activity was moving toward the Heaven aspect inside Waiting: pure yang.

The Well, holds water - some in stasis, some in motion - and so too does Waiting. But there is nothing passive going on here: Nor is there any focus on the past! Waiting can be radiant, present, and the 'heaven' of love's waters reflect such. At risk of breaching the content filter of this site, I'd have to say... lush.

I figured, then, that S-S knows exactly what she needs and wants. Outwardly, the water/danger element stays in the outside position - in mind - in both hexagrams, unchanging. That there was one small movement in her casting - from the action of Wind to the action of Heaven - that very first/bottom line in the hexagram - the foundation - suggested to me that this is another time of gentle and loving introspection, and attending greatly to physical health. Every person knows their own feelings regardless of the time or credence paid to them, and certainly by adulthood, we know what makes our feelings 'tick.' ... Take many hot baths, and lather with quality (organic) oils afterward, know your mind, and then... well... wait. Wait with all the radiance of simply being alive.

So the only caution here, is, of course, in the mind: in thought. The classic 'robber barren!' I recommend lots of deep belly breathing, especially when you 'think' you are close, at the edge of success. The eagerness, spoils, and the readiness... is indeed all.

May much love come to everyone.
Stay in touch S-S: you are always loved.

(Please see my "Book of Gardens" for further detail.)

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