Change: Post III... Entering Change

Last, but certainly not least, I met "AG" at Edmonton Indigo Drinks last night.

This really iced the cake on my evening.

AG, is a writer, editor, and an all-round asset for anyone going into business. Simply look at Noorish Cafe and Yoga Studio for the proof. We spoke briefly on her international travels, and I quickly learned of her connection to the great Master Alfred Huang.

Though it is certain that adversity will come our way in this life, it is equally certain that the best response to that adversity is to simply listen... and then follow that listening...

Connections then follow you.

AG has had the good and permanent fortune of assisting Master Huang in getting his great books to market. And now, only a few weeks into the STA-sis Arts revamp and revitalization, it is my good fortune to see the six-degrees-of-separation principle welcoming me with open arms. As we can see in the case of M1, two posts below: a simple step into your joy keeps ones illumination burning at a right and steady pace. But is this easier for the young?...

Allow me now to say 'no.' ... Which brings me back to Change.

Amid adversity, we do have our best learning. We hear things like this all the time now: All kinds of platitudes and maxims are spurting out their inner wisdom all over billboards and board-rooms, and it is quite possible we are green-washing and even indigo-washing ourselves into a big blob of grey... EVEN THEN, I can now argue, if one keeps close to oneself but a small modicum of hope... a little morsel of faith in oneself... even just a grain of belief of knowing that Life itself sustains you.... your learning... never... rests.

Not for a moment. Not in your sleep. Not in your dreams. Not in hours of media-based stimulation; in spending all your money, expelling all your friendships, whatever it is that you do... Learning cannot stop when there is faith from underneath it. Upon surfacing - and it does come up for air - illumination cannot help itself but want to burst forward into joy; and adversity becomes merely a future power to draw upon.

Adversity bolsters ones reserve.

So whatever barrier we face - or think we are facing - stick with it. Enter your own debate. Enter Change. And I would say: stick with adversity, gently, otherwise you may fall into the pitfall of "being right." That is to say, do not allow suffering to become rigged to identity, as that is truly thee Labyrinth.

And yet, along these lines of listening and observing, the Labyrinth itself, inevitably, becomes its own gift.

Practically speaking now, there is nothing - truly nothing - that a cup of tea cannot solve. (And I do recommend Jasmine!) Eyes closed, deep breathing into the back and belly (in that order), is the best medicine.


Faith, meditation... hope... these things are physical experiences for me. I do not find them in the mind. I do not find them outside myself. I find them in my low back: my ankles, my fingers, my lungs, my eyes.... I find them inside my skin.

They do shine.

They do tingle.

Listen for them :)


  1. Hi Phillip
    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this blog. The i ching in itself is very meditational to me although I must confess I do not know too much about it. I do understand and relate completely though to what you are saying: Meditation is not just a state of the mind it is in your ankles hands e.t.c. As a Buddhist practitioner I practice mindfulness on a daily basis and I have experienced the physical tingle of becoming totally at one in the here and now on both a spiritual and physical level. I would like to know more about the i ching.

  2. Thank you Julie - I appreciate your post :)

    I'll be certain to explain what I've learned thus far in bits & bites. The inner workings of the I Ching is akin to a chess board: imagine each square on the board to have six little servants underneath them - like pages in parliament - and they are constantly running messages to one another, holding the structure together... :)