Change: Post II... sudden voyBom!

I had several other interesting conversations last night at Edmonton Indigo Drinks.

M (a third M!) is in a rather enviable spot with Athabasca University, whose perks include free tuition! Talk about a dream job. And a busy time! M's spirited nature is seen clearly in his practice of voyBom. This practice takes me back to my conservatory acting training, and I'd like to say simply that M's findings are true. The psychological and physical resonance which a person has after a session of this work is truly amazing. For those skeptical still on the nature of chakras and physical energy fields... give it a go! Truly, the worst thing that could happen is that you'll make a bunch of friends and have a great laugh!

M3, introduced me briefly to his visual artwork, steeped in the precision and beauty of fractals and sacred geometry. He spoke of the four seasons inherent to the I Ching (and M3, if you are reading this, please feel free to post the four qualitative words you have for them, and link freely to your work). Beat Poets use the 'cut up' to assemble incredible synchronicities, and it sounds as if M3 has discovered a way of finding patterns in negative space by cutting up fractals.

We were also joined by S, of Balancing Spaces Inc., whose long standing fascination and practice of Feng Shui has taken her deeply into these systemic and arguably divine patternings. M3 realized as we were speaking that there is a kind of sign-wave which moves through the rising and falling of yin and yang (young yin to old yin and over to young yang and onward to old, and so on)... to which I postulated that the S-curve inherent to the Tao symbol may also be a sign wave(!)

Well... this stopped M3, S & I in our tracks, moving directly into a spontaneous voyBom! (No: that was NOT an Orwellian sentence!) I have long (loonngggoonngggongongongong) been looking for the exact TERM of that s-curve, as I am truly tired of saying ... "s-curve." I came across this term once, and it got buried in a flurry of wonderment I'm sure. If anyone knows this term, or finds it, I'd drop everything to give you an immediate consultation, and buy the tea!!

Truly: enough of "s-curve." ;)

... Returning for a moment to my earlier post on last evening (posted immediately below)... I knew full well that I was not in a position to give a full reading to M, and certainly a networking event is designed around 'introductions' primarily... I have been thinking on hexagram 49, Change, throughout the evening and into this morning... and certainly these latter conversations were in themselves like following a broader and broader spiral...

It is a true pleasure to grow into this position of offering guidance through the I Ching. Naturally, I intend to bolster this practice into professional practice, but for now I am in the learning seat: my research has been thorough, and the next leg of the journey is getting my understanding into the world. Every opportunity that now comes my way to consult I Ching with others is a gift. A TRUE GIFT. Thank you L, S-S, O, N, T and M. It is an incredible exchange.


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  2. (whoops! didn't mean to remove that!)

    hi phillip, what a pleasant surprise to find this as i was googling myself (because i used 'voybom' as a username on a dating site to avoid paying the fee, ha ha ha!)! don't have much time for such trivialities though, ha ha.
    thanks for the lovely write-up. let's have tea e.g. at steeps off 124 and you can teach me some i ching, ok? i'll buy!
    PoPh (patterns of phi) art going on now in 12" panels, cool, multipurpose. Meditating on is one purpose, could double as tea tray.
    : )