Wind and Water. Feeling through to thoroughness.

My long time pal, O, asked a question today. Using thc coin method, 57 Wind, and 47 Exhaustion came back in response. O, was wondering about where to live and how to live, as she often travels. After some discussion, it seemed clear that a decision is forthcoming, due to the caution offered by Exhaustion, to not have any energy drain: Exhaustion is described by Water inside the Lake, so there is a separateness between two bodies of water, a sense of 'draining.' After more discussion, we thought that "What is the best way to be healthy and sustainable?" would offer more of a process, and perhaps a future consultation.

Wind, is flexible on the underside, covers vast area quickly, yet is decisive, active, and quite free in its upper portions: one third flexible, two thirds decisive. :) Wind moves around all objects quickly, leaving no surface untouched.

Exhaustion, has a joy being pursued, though with a slow and steady leakage making the joy unsustainable, and potentially unreachable. This is only a caution though, as much of this energy had already passed in this particular instance. So this is a very creative and active time for O, where she is in a lead position in her life: the invitation is clear, she has done all the research she needs to have done, and the decision awaits. Furthermore, the flexibility of wind also speaks to an abundance... Perhaps the gypsy, flying inside the wind, may grant the truest music...

Given the options on O's plate, I recommended an imaginative exercise/meditation: that in sitting quietly into each scenario, she imagine deeply and in great detail each choice - as if she were living it - allowing a central feeling to arise as a result. So, not to concentrate on one imagined/perhaps-habitually-preferred outcome - either/or - but to seriously commit to one's mind each choice, individually, allowing the feelings to follow in accord. Each feeling will arise naturally, spontaneously, without any force, and the most beneficial outcome will become known - happily so... Do I live in one place, or another... Or do I live by a completely different set of rules?... each choice to be played out in her mind's eye. It would be otherwise easy to make choices based in fear and be blown-about by 'the wind'... This is a time of clearing away clutter - not ruthlessly - but spaciously, encouraging the clear vision for her future, and holding true to the feelings which bring about a sense of vitality.

Thank you so much O! (Here's to another 20!) Stay in touch and let me know how I can assist further :)

(Soon to be in published form: "The Book of Gardens: I Ching inspired Eco-Theology")

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